Fast Solution Services

The fast solution is a trend or design  single solution delivered in a limited timeframe for projects involving the development of 1 or 2 SKU.
Fast solution developments delivered by only1 trend or design resource and offer on average 3 design options to select from.
Technical and material restrictions apply to qualify for a fast solution service (e.g. no tooling possible for samples).

Workshop Services

The WORKSHOP is an exchange with our customers to explore trend and design solutions with the goal to provide input and outlook on specific creative opportunities.

The dialogue can be facilitated by different supports and methods (from crystal components to sketches).
The outcome of WORKSHOP provides answers to the initial challenge requested by our customer or lead to a clear  brief for the Design Center to develop creative solutions.

Consulting Services

The CONSULTING is a customer advisory project involving our trend and design experts with the goal to assess our customers’ creative potential and make recommendations on:

  • Future design roadmaps
  • Crystal application opportunities
  • Consumer behavior and market trends
  • Design language
  • Product assortment

Development Solutions Services

The DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS is a comprehensive project  involving diverse trend and design services, with the goal to develop a single or series of finished products.

DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS offer a deep dive into the development of customer specific  finished solutions including strategic business elements (e.g. solutions tailored to target group  or cost budget).

Inspiration Services

The INSPIRATION displays highly creative trend or design solutions stimulating interest for crystal applications.
The INSPIRATION focuses on compelling solutions created outside of customers’ regular product  or collection development process.