Compliance, with integrity

Swarovski Advanced Crystal

Advanced Crystal

Swarovski’s patented lead-free* formula has changed the DNA of crystal while still offering the same sparkle, dependability, and variety for which Swarovski is famous. If you haven’t noticed a difference, that’s probably because when it comes to the ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard it’s what you don’t see that matters. Carefully selected raw materials are made into products compliant with crucial current laws and regulations governing the use of certain substances in finished products in the most relevant segments of Swarovski’s customers’ businesses. Swarovski’s new and innovative formula offers peace of mind for business partners in the ever-stricter international regulatory environment.

* Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009 % lead or less.

Swarovski CLEAR


Swarovski’s internal compliance program, called CLEAR, summarizes the chemical requirements of the most critical laws and regulations regarding the restriction and prohibition of substances in its customers’ most relevant product segments. These particularly include jewelry and accessories, textiles, interiors, packaging, electronics, and children’s products. The program and its guidelines are subject to regular legal monitoring. Likewise, Swarovski requires all suppliers to fully declare their raw materials and to take part in the CLEAR program. CLEAR provides customers with the comfort of trust that all products have undergone a reasonable testing program and are found to comply with their requirements.



Customers can have confidence in Swarovski’s products. As a major supplier to the textile industry, the majority of Swarovski’s product range has been certified according to the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class II. This quality label sets limits for potentially harmful substances in textile products, particularly those that are in direct contact with skin.

Compliance Service

Compliance Service

Through worldwide legal monitoring and customer requirements, it is noticed that the amount of laws and regulations is getting more and more complex. To help the customer to keep an overview and to receive compliant and safe products, Swarovski is offering the unique Compliance Service. The service includes assessments and evaluations regarding substance limitations (Restricted Substance Lists) as well as conformations and certificates of compliance of Swarovski products to our customers’ requirements.