It was in 2002 that Tord Boontje first began his famous collaboration with Swarovski, creating Blossom as part of Swarovski Crystal Palace’s presentation for Salone del Mobile.  So it is fitting that this, the creative partnership’s 15th year, should coincide with the launch of Boontje’s newest collection of chandelier and lighting components made with Swarovski crystals.

Tord Boontje’s Luminous Reflections collection, made with Swarovski crystals

London-based, and originally from the Netherland, he is renowned for his powerful and expressive contemporary lighting statements. Sometimes whimsical, always experimental, they never fail to elicit strong emotions, and have been snapped up for major museum collections, such as London’s V&A, New York’s MoMA, and Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria, among many other prominent public exhibition spaces.

Boontje has brought the same qualities to his latest collection of chandeliers, entitled Luminous Reflections, which is inspired by the shimmering reflections of sunlight on water. Launching under the newly revived Swarovski Crystal Palace brand, the sculptural forms consist of large, unfaceted crystal components in fluid and organic shapes. They are the first of their kind in Swarovski’s 122-year history, and were designed by Boontje together with Swarovski’s product development team at the company’s headquarters in Wattens, Austria. Many hours were spent in the Swarovski Archive researching the company’s heritage; the outcome was innovative crystals that capture nature’s wild beauty at the same time as the exquisite refinement of some of the finest crystal jewelry in the world.

A stunning example is the Luminous Bough chandelier, which perfectly showcases the capabilities of the new components. The result of highly complex production techniques, the chandeliers include integrated LED technology and feature curved crystals with either polished or frosted rippled surfaces designed to produce soft, “organic” light effects. Despite the absence of faceting, the crystals throw out astonishing shards of light.

Luminous Reflections is the culmination of fifteen years of working with Swarovski: “I understand how light and crystal work together—it can illuminate a room with bright sparkle or create dazzling glamour as jewelry,” he explains. “For the first time, I’ve had the opportunity to change the shape of lighting crystals: I wanted a “soft light” effect—the quality of light you see in a misty or snowy landscape, or on a lake as dancing light reflections. For me, these chandeliers really celebrate the organic quality of light that crystal can create.”

Specially developed for the interior lighting industry, the new crystals will be available for designers to purchase in Spring 2018. The chandeliers will be on sale via Swarovski Professional distributors and B2B channels from the same time.