Thonet in a crystal dress

The boys – tailored for the catwalk.

Worldwide, Thonet is considered as pioneer in the furniture design. The slogan "THE BOYS – TAILORED FOR THE CATWALK" symbolizes the cooperation between the traditional brands Swarovski and Thonet.

In a first step, a research was conducted in order to find out how a classical piece of furniture may look like in a Swarovski crystal dress. Four chairs, namely, "The Prince", "Danubia", "Edgy" and "Spike" are the sparkling results of that research.

Thonet in a crystal dress

Swarovski and Thonet have chosen two out of these four designs for selling: "The Prince" und "Danubia". Both designs are based on the design of number 14, one of the classics of Thonet’s furniture designs.

That archetypally design number 14 was developed by the brothers Thonet in 1859. Until today, that chair model is viewed as one of the most popular ones and is regarded as top-selling article within seating furniture.