Hubbardton Forge synchronizes with Swarovski Wave Cut crystals

Synchronicity by Hubbardton Forge

Synchronicity by Hubbardton Forge

Launching an exciting creative collaboration between Swarovski and U.S. lighting specialist Hubbardton Forge, a new collection entitled Synchronicity by Hubbardton Forge was unveiled at Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show in Texas on January 18, 2017.

Famed for sinuous arcs of hand-forged steel, their sculptural artistry and superb craftsmanship made Hubbardton Forge the ideal partner to debut Swarovski’s unique Wave Cut crystals.

Synchronicity consists of a series of ten stunning designs featuring Crystals by Swarovski, with each design showcasing the geometric precision of the innovative curved forms as though it’s a fine jewelry setting. 

Concept development with the master metal smiths began a year ago, focusing on groundbreaking ways to showcase the extraordinary concave and convex curves produced by the new crystal-cutting technology.

The results include the steel-embraced Courbé and Courbé Duet pendants and sconce; the crown of leaves and stems of the Gaia pendant, entwining Oval Pear crystals in steel; the striking Artemis pendant that grasps distinctive Boomerang crystals; the Terra pendant, featuring webs of silk thread and steel rods to evoke geological lines; the Rhapsody pendant and sconce, which contrast cone-shaped crystals with ribbons of steel; and the circular Aria pendants lined with Swarovski crystal fabric in Comet Argent Light.