Crystal Surfaces

An incomparable interior décor

Laid against imperfect, or natural, materials, the perfection of crystals has a transcendent effect.

The latest light-refractive sensation for high-end interior outfitting is Swarovski’s pioneering collection of interior decorative treatments, Crystal Surfaces. Renowned creative director and make-up artist Sergej Benedetter has focused his talents on capturing their unprecedented reflective qualities in a series of striking images.

Swarovski Crystal Surfaces

“There’s a fairytale quality,” says Benedetter, describing what makes these surfaces unique. “Laid against imperfect, or natural, materials, the perfection of crystals has a transcendent effect.” The challenges of representing sparkling three-dimensional light in two dimensions is not to be underestimated: “It takes great technical expertise. An understanding of lighting is key, and it’s important to consider the small details very precisely in advance.”

Indeed, he has captured the crisp outlines, rich colors and infinite shards of light to perfection:

The Active Panel lights the way, combining the luminous power of 200,000 crystals per square meter with LED backlighting. This 2015 Red Dot Design Award winner is an innovative modular concept that can be used in a variety of ways—ambient lighting, signage, interior art and ceiling panels are a few examples. Three luxe colors—Crystal Aurore Boreale, Crystal Golden Shadow and Crystal Silver Shade—plus the option of having a logo or sign printed across the panel, further enhance its impact.

Swarovski Crystal Rocks

Crystal Rocks delivers sparkling interior elegance with utmost versatility through its unique “open structure” construction and a staggering 200,000 to 300,000 crystals per square meter. Carrier options include Alcantara, aluminium, MDF and Corian, allowing it to be applied to any number of surfaces—walls, columns, furniture inlays and light fixtures, to name a few. Asymmetrical patterns create fascinating effects, which, together with its range of color combinations and customizable print and motif options, make for truly unique results.

Swarovski Crystal Fine Rocks

When the 3D effect of Crystal Fine Rocks is laminated between two layers of glass in a “closed structure” construction, the outcome is as practical as it’s beautiful. Crystal Compound is easy to clean and ideal for wet environments, with a variety of colors for standout designs.

In homage to the honeycomb design that can be seen on eye-catching façades all over the world, the Hexagon Panel’s glass surface emits extraordinary levels of brilliance. This makes it the go-to choice for food and beverage environments, as well as reception desks, walls and facades.

When it comes to astonishing versatility combined with light-filled beauty, Crystal Grid has everything covered—literally: With a choice of Soft, Hard or Compound Surfaces, this elegant latticework pattern comes in a range of colors, sizes, patterns and motifs, offering a variety of stunning design options.