Celebrating Artica

The iconic Manooi shape with a bespoke Swarovski crystal

The Manooi shape

The Manooi shape

As the ultimate symbol of partnership and cooperation between the two companies, Manooi unveils Artica, by Swarovski; a tailor made crystal, designed by János Héder and manufactured in Wattens. Its unique and recognizable shape ornates Manooi chandeliers. It embodies the quintessence of the brand and verifies the chandelier’s authenticity.

Artica is the flagship chandelier of Manooi, it became over time the recognised shape of Manooi around the world. Without this design, the story of Manooi would have been different. Artica marks the new beginning for designer couple Judit Zoltai and János Héder, founding Manooi and debuting its first collection with this chandelier.

Lead designer and architect János Héder discovered the Manooi shape by determined, almost obstinate iteration of the initial concept he had in mind. Symbolizing  two galaxies embracing each other, the final shape was chosen unanimously from dozens of designs trying to catch the idea. Since then, Artica embodies not only the philosophical foundations of the brand, but also hallmarks the success story of Manooi’s light creations all over the world.
In 2015, jubilee year for Manooi, Artica becomes the emblem of Manooi as a part of a rebranding process of their communication material. This led to a unique cooperation with Swarovski, Manooi’s conceptual partner from the outset. As the ultimate symbol of partnership and cooperation between the two companies, Artica crystal by Swarovski shows the possibilities of both brands in terms of visionary design and expert craftsmanship. Designed by Manooi and manufactured in Wattens, its unique and recognizable shape ornates every Manooi chandelier in the future and verifies its authenticity.

About Manooi

About Manooi

Manooi believes that a considered lighting scheme can create a uniquely personal universe; an empowering and affirming space for the individuals within. Home of timeless crystal chandeliers, Manooi strives to replicate natural sources of light in diverse environments from private residences to hotels, restaurants and retail outlets; creating new universes every day.

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