Glaciarium designed by Fredrikson Stallard

Inspired by the raw power of crystal, designers Fredrikson Stallard have collaborated with Swarovski to produce a chandelier range along with a series of crystal chandelier components. This comes in addition to Fredrikson Stallard’s celebrated range of centerpieces, bowls and candlesticks, developed for Atelier Swarovski Home and previewed in Milan earlier this year.

Fredrikson Stallard have worked with Swarovski for almost ten years and the Glaciarium collections are inspired by their extensive experiences watching Swarovski’s complex crystal production techniques and the mysterious appearance and behavior of the material in its raw state. 

Glaciarium emphatically celebrates the nature of the material while the pieces demonstrate that Swarovski’s blend of heritage and technical innovation contains a potential for design that chimes perfectly with contemporary sensibilities. These influences have been explored in a specially commissioned essay by Glenn Adamson, former Director of the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York City.

Glaciarium crystal components

Glaciarium crystal components were developed specifically for the interior lighting industry and will be available for designers and artists to buy and use in their creations.

This is the first time Swarovski has collaborated with an external design studio to create crystal chandelier components.

Fredrikson Stallard commented on the design process of the components:
"There’s always a balance in our work between the sense of something that’s been made and something that’s been found and that is what we refer to as effortlessness. One thing about effortlessness, it is incredibly difficult to do, to create an object that you have very strictly controlled but has the sense that ‘of course that’s what it should be’. By combining the language of more natural surfaces with the precision cut facets in Glaciarium we’ve achieved that.”

Glaciarium chandelier designs

Fredrikson Stallard also show the capabilities of the Glaciarium components with three Glaciarium chandelier designs: Avalon, Paradisium, Rock, Superline, Voltaire and Helios

The designers realized that the eccentric forms of their bespoke components would be displayed to their best advantage using a rigorously geometrical matrix—either strictly linear or perfectly circular. This sense of contrast is heightened by the use of industrial steel in the housing for the lights: the mounting is designed so that, just like a traditional chandelier, the crystal components can face different directions, swaying with each breeze or movement and bringing life to the play of refraction.

Glaciarium collection for Atelier Swarovski Home

The final part of the collections, the Glaciarium collection for Atelier Swarovski Home is a series of vases, bowls and candle-holders inspired by the form of raw crystal.

Each piece is cast in crystal and then subtle faceting is applied, combining precision cutting with the material’s natural structures.

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