Interior Crystal Innovations 2016/2017

In contemporary design, versatility is key, so light and color become languages for expressing and altering atmosphere. Light expresses mood and emotion, to which everyone responds—as it shines, materials are revealed in their full, colorful glory. The play of shadow and illumination is fundamental when creating living environments, so four key moods have been designed for ‘Innovations & Inspirations’, each focusing on surfaces and spaces, materials, and lighting: The pared-back elegance of Classic, the handcrafted eclecticism of Romantic, the future-forward aesthetic of Progressive, and Glamour’s high-gloss luxe. 

From cutting-edge lighting and decorative tableware to contemporary surface treatments and beautifully crafted door handles, Swarovski’s latest crystal innovations are set to raise the bar on stylish interiors.

Lighting Components

Cube is an exciting new lighting component inspired by Korean artist, Lee Bul. As demonstrated by her breathtaking Into Lattice Sun installation at Swarovski Crystal Worlds, it is perfect for creating interiors with a clean, contemporary aesthetic. Other new components are Swarovski’s XXL masterpieces of precision-cut crystal, Octagon Lily, Pear and Pendeloque. These on-trend oversize designs are free of inclusions, a claim unmatched by competitors. Finally, lighting’s latest colors and effects feature Arctic White, a classically stylish counterpart to Jet, which combines brilliantly with myriad other colors, while Partly Frosted introduces itself as one more versatile and chic addition to lighting’s palette.

Knobs & Handles

Doors open smoothly and stylishly with Swarovski’s knobs and handles. Furniture, bathroom and wellness projects are brilliantly highlighted by 34mm Marble Printed Handles in Blue, Black, Bianco Carrara and Rosso Verona. Meanwhile, the 64mm Cross Handle features Crystal and Crystal Silver Glaze, adding wow factor to any interior. 

Crystal Strands

With its classically elegant yet modern feel, the Partly Frosted Square Stone enables a wide variety of crystal strand designs. Cube Strands was inspired by Into Lattice Sun, Korean artist Lee Bul’s installation at Swarovski Crystal Worlds. Inspired by modern architecture, the designer randomly mixed various lighting components, including the new Cubes, making each strand appears unique. Yet when combined in “crystal bundles”, the overall look is consistent. Thanks to a new combination of various crystal components, including highlight pieces 8546 Dice Bead and 8547 Vibrant Bead, the new Stainless Steel Crystal Strands Regular offers a uniquely interesting look. 

Crystal Surfaces

Swarovski’s Crystal Surfaces Collection offers high-end interior decorative treatments with an unprecedented interplay of light and crystals. The range includes the winner of the 2015 Red Dot Design Award, the modular Active Panel; backlit by special LEDs, it can be used for ambient lighting, signage, interior art or ceiling panels, among other functions. Then there’s the stunningly versatile Crystal Rocks with its 200,000 to 300,000 crystals per square meter; the smooth, glittering surface of Crystal Compound; the elegant latticework pattern of Crystal Grid in Soft, Hard or Compound surfaces; Hexagon Panel’s time-honored honeycomb design; and Classic Panel, with its hand-positioned crystals that appears to make rooms more spacious. Not only does the Crystal Surfaces Collection enhance through illumination, it gives drama and personality to interiors. 

Crystal Palace

Swarovski Crystal Palace is dedicated to creating signature interpretations of the chandelier through breaking down barriers, playing with the rules, and exploring lighting, art and design. Now it introduces three re-engineered models:

Light Sock
 is a chic subversion of the chandelier’s classic branch and pendant form by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, consisting of a mesh bag filled with Swarovski crystals with a light source within it. Mini Voyage is Yves Béhar’s scaled-down rendition of his original Voyage chandelier, installed at New York’s JFK airport. It has around 5,000 Swarovski crystals lit internally by white LEDs. 

Interior Decorations

Whether it’s a hint of sparkle or full-on glamour, a crystal-enhanced ambiance will impress guests. From eye-catching table decorations for just one evening to more permanent centerpieces, crystal solutions from Swarovski accentuate interior concepts, and give the perfect finishing touch to refined wining and dining. The latest design adds magic to floral decorations: delicate Flower Pins, available in a rainbow of colors, sparkle like natural, yet precisely cut, dewdrops when incorporated into artistic flower arrangements. Meanwhile, crystallized tablemats, coasters and napkin rings introduce another level of radiance to the table. When color, design and light are in harmony, dining is more than simply eating—it becomes an event.

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