Pavé Thread Rings for Valentine’s Day

Special jewelry for a special someone

Swarovski Pavé Thread Rings for Valentine’s Day

Dozens of filigree XILION chatons placed on a minimum space create a unique coat of glamour that nobody can resist. That’s the special magic of a sparkling Pavé surface. Each piece of jewelry, whether bead, ring or pendant, takes on a special radiance.

One of the most appealing elements of the Pavé product family is the Pavé Thread Ring, not only as a standalone piece. What makes the ring even more attractive is its variety of styles.
In addition to the 19 different color variations and 4 effects, you can choose from, the Pavé Thread Ring is also available with either one or two holes.

As such, you can easily combine the ring with other jewelry elements. For example, using it as a connection element to create a necklace with two identical bracelets. Or enhance your earring with an eye-catching corona of crystals.

The richness of colors and effects allows you create a multitude of fantastic, multi-layered and supremely tactile creations. If you’re looking for a spontaneous Valentine’s Day composition, it’s the ultimate choice. The Pavé Thread Ring is available in three different diameters: 14.5 mm, 16.5 mm and 18.5 mm.

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