Atelier Munsteiner for Swarovski

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The new Vision Designer Edition marks the first-ever collaboration between Swarovski and Atelier Munsteiner, a German design house renowned for its multi-award-winning gemstone cuts, fine jewelry and sculptures. The family-owned company’s third-generation master craftsmen have drawn upon years and years of experience to develop this stunning crystal innovation exclusively for Swarovski.

The Vision Round Stone and Vision Fancy Stones combine the uncomplicated appeal of simple cuts with the playfulness of mirrored reflections. These ingeniously crafted crystals bring to mind frozen water within which air bubbles form mysterious and perfectly geometrical, flower-like shapes. Available in three of the most popular shapes for Jewelry and Accessories—round, square and hexagon, it offers a huge range of design options. With its breath-taking, show-stopping impact, the stunning Halskette collier by Philippe Ferrandis perfectly illustrates the creative possibilities that can be achieved using the glacial beauty of crystals from the new Vision Designer Edition.

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