Get inspired by our Crystal Innovations for Spring/Summer 2017

Crystal Innovations for Spring/Summer 2017 - The balance of nature

The secret to success on stage is a combination of glamour, mastery and an element of surprise. Having been a steady partner of the international dance sport for many years, Swarovski knows how to play all three – virtuously combined in the Crystal Innovations for Spring/Summer 2017, in which we present a series of one-of-a-kind, nature-inspired cuts and shapes under the motto “The Balance of Nature”. For stage designs that are truly elemental!

Céline Cousteau, granddaughter of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau

Céline Cousteau, granddaughter of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau

Shaped by the power of nature, the new Innovations Collection from Swarovski for 2017 draws inspiration from the four elements fire, water, air, and earth. In close collaboration with environmentalist and celebrated filmmaker Céline Cousteau, granddaughter of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau, it presents vivid, life-like shapes and cuts that depict natural phenomena and creatures from enigmatic habitats between volcano landscapes, the rain forest and the depth of the ocean.

Experimenting with this elemental approach, the Crystal Innovations form the basis for unprecedented, highly unconventionally themed stage dresses that go far beyond glamour – they are a world of their own. Fire and water as dynamic, moving elements have been chosen to become the headliner of two stunning new dress designs:

The “Fire” design as a literal “play with fire” makes ample use of the new color Yellow Opal and the fascinating Flame Flat Back, which dances and frolics like natural sparks.

The “Water” design with its wavy arrangement of the new Jelly Fish Flat Back by Céline Cousteau and coral-like elements takes the viewer deep into the blue, symbolizing the endless diversity of maritime life.

Uplifting – With technology becoming increasingly present in our lives it is time to take a break and breathe. Swarovski innovations inspired by air are the perfect homage to purity and calmness. They convey a feeling of lightweight and zero gravity, particularly due to the new Concise Flat Back. With its table size increased to 40%, its weight significantly reduced by almost half and its 16 facets brightly sparkling as ever this easy-to-apply element lends itself to ultra-light, delicate and attention-drawing dance apparels.

Earthbound – In this Design the important emergence of brown as a strong seasonal color is referenced and off-set with gray-beige tones. An eye-catching pale blue as an underlining note help to create an earthy color palette Products and designs also convey our desire to reconnect with the earth – the lighter and delicate new Concise Flat Back underlines this need of romantic connection to the earth.

With these designs – hot like fire, fresh like water – your dress tells your audience a story. And all eyes will be on you.

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