Swarovski CrystalpixieTM Makes Nail Art Easy

Crystalpixie Launch FW 17/18

Looking at runways across the major fashion capitals, fingers have become as important as faces. But the concept of nail art moved up to a dazzling, democratic new level with the arrival of Swarovski® Create Your Style CrystalpixieTM. Crystalpixie Petite launched first, and was soon followed by Crystalpixie Edge, which made easy high-impact 3D nail art achievable, and is a favorite with both salon artists and DIY nail-art fans alike. Inside each box is a neat 5- or 10-gram shot of Crystalpixie, plus a collection of 30 Swarovski crystal Flat Backs in three complementary colors, together with instructions and creative suggestions.

Updated regularly with seasonal launches of on-trend colors and effects, plus limited-edition themes, CrystalpixieTM Edge’s latest additions are Punk Candy, Electric Touch, Rock Shock, and Rebel Spirit. These take the Edge palette up to ten colors, along with a host of imaginative nail art designs. Each bottle contains thousands of loose golden bi-cone Swarovski crystals that give a spiky, multi-dimensional brilliance.

This 3D effect is accentuated by the way each color plays with light and shade, creating tonal contrasts. Punk Candy’s delicate candy-colored crystals are overlaid with golden shades, while Rock Shock’s deep metallic tones flash with touches of bright gold. Electric Touch features a film noir-like black and white, and Rebel Spirit is extravagant black and blue blitzed with silver.

In September, a Christmas Edition will also be debuted, just in time for the party season. Capturing the festive spirit, the two colors—CrystalpixieTM Edge Golden Dreams and ravishing CrystalpixieTM Petite Radiant Red—consist of thousands of Aurum PP9 Ultra Fine Rocks bi-cone crystals. Golden Dreams’ glam-punk silhouette and gold nugget-like luster is ideal for sparkling party looks, and Radiant Red’s ultra-luxe, jewel-toned, look is pure sophisticated decadence.

All the new Swarovski CrystalpixieTM Edge colors can be worn alone for high-octane glamour or as part of filigree nail designs. Self-expressive nail art is limitless!