Trend research

Our trend research experts continuously map and detect upcoming trends and develop directional product stories. The team researches consumer, socio-economic, demographic and economic influencers and future creative drivers to influence and inspire both designers and customers alike.

Creative Framing
We collect relevant project and customer information,  create a solid briefing and define success criteria for trend development

Trend research
We research upcoming and future creative influencers and economic phenomena to create forecasts on customer relevant project trends

Story creation
We use diverse story telling techniques to create a compelling and convincing product story

Creative analysis
We identify and cluster the creative context of brand, user, competition and market positioning

Trend study
We compose complete trend studies to illustrate possible future forecasts and scenarios

Benchmark study
We develop tailored benchmark studies to identify known and unknown creative  and aesthetic drivers

Presentation tools
We develop compelling verbal and visual presentation solutions to communicate the trend story and benefits

Presentation training
We provide presentation guidance, sales arguments and creative story telling for more effective communication of design intent

We provide expert input in creative challenges and serve as sparring partner to define creative opportunities

Customer workshops
We organize workshops to brainstorm opportunities for crystal design trends and collaboration potential

Creative Direction
We develop graphic solutions as stand alone concepts or supporting product graphic or communication

Creative Direction for Multi Media Tools
We provide creative direction in developing photo shoots, movies or online communication for our projects