Textile and Fashion Design

Our textile and fashion designers span a broad bandwidth of creative applications and innovative concepts. They develop compelling, inspiring and feasible crystal textile solutions for our customers and consult on both the implementation and application process. 

Creative Framing
We collect relevant project and customer information,  create a solid briefing and define success criteria for trend development

Design research
We research current and upcoming designs and derive conclusions for competitive advantages

Design theme creation
We brainstorm ideas and approaches to create a bandwidth of relevant design themes

Concept ideation
We create concepts for each theme to illustrate creative potential

Textile design development
We jointly select most promising directions and develop the design with input from relevant development stakeholders

Technical drawings
We translate the design intent into feasible technical data using adequate data formats

Technical instructions
We document the design in its details for easier translation to development partners

Sampling & Prototyping
We evaluate designs based on textile samples and create final prototypes for design freeze and reproduction

Presentation tools
We develop compelling verbal and visual presentation solutions to communicate the design story and benefits

We provide expert input in creative challenges and serve as sparring partner to define creative opportunities

Customer workshops
We organize workshops to brainstorm opportunities for crystal design trends and collaboration potential

Creative Direction
We develop graphic solutions as stand alone concepts or supporting product graphic or communication

Quality management
We ensure the highest design quality by balancing production requirements with fine tuning design adaptations