Technical Customer Support - Field Services

Swarovski imparts its crystal application expertise through customized Crystal Application Workshops, Crystal Application Consultancy, Troubleshooting, and Technical Assessments. These can take place either on customers’ premises or at Swarovski locations. The focus is always on customers’ individual needs, the efficient use of Swarovski products, and on the quality of the crystal application.

Our services have been created to take advantage of our comprehensive crystal application expertise in the following areas: mastery of the relevant techniques, technical knowledge of Swarovski products, process-engineering competencies, and our experience of crystal application equipment, together with our product manufacturing knowledge of various industries.

Service results (dependent on the particular individual service package):

  • Prevention of increased development costs through technical input in:
    – The correct choice of Swarovski product
    – The correct technical design
    – The correct application technique
    – The correct integration of an application process into the entire process landscape
    – Application process set-up

  • Prevention of cost complaints through technical input in:
    – The correct positioning and arrangement of Swarovski products
    – Learning how to check the quality of crystal applications
    – Suitability of the customer’s equipment, tools and aids

  • Prevention of increased staff development costs through:
    – Staff training in appropriate application techniques
    – Building your technical knowledge base, thereby enabling you to be self-sufficient.

For further information, please contact your local Swarovski office.