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Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential characteristic of Swarovski.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential characteristic of Swarovski

Swarovski’s fourth sustainability report, published on June 1, is a testament to founder Daniel Swarovski’s philosophy. In all its undertakings, the company strives to remain true to his vision of a responsible business that not only has its employees’ wellbeing at heart, but also that of the environment and society as a whole. Today, his commitment to ethical ways of working continues to guide Swarovski’s purpose, decisions, and actions.

 In a continuing process of evolution, we have now refreshed our priorities and updated our sustainability strategy. The report highlights five priority areas in which we believe we can harness Swarovski’s unique strengths to have the greatest impact. They are: water stewardship, women’s empowerment, fair partnerships, conscious design, and sustainable innovation, all of which are in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We will achieve this through constant vigilance over systems and practices in our production sites, business units, and external supply chain, together with improvement of social and environmental governance.

Swarovski Sustainability Report

Swarovski Sustainability Report

Swarovski’s track record speaks volumes about our deep-seated sense of environmental and social commitment, which was formally defined and reconfirmed in the Swarovski Integrity Charter, which sets out our values and principles, and was endorsed by the Executive Board in 2016. This commitment is evidenced by the way we run our manufacturing and production sites, where 70% of the water used is recycled; energy consumption has been reduced by 26% since 2010; and 33% of the energy comes from renewable sources. Looking farther afield, there are now Swarovski Waterschools at seven locations around the world, with pilots at the Ping River (Thailand) and Mississippi River (USA). 

In keeping with Swarovski’s priority areas, over 80,000 crystals have been upcycled through conscious design initiatives, and 88% of our new or refurbished monobrand stores meet the Swarovski Sustainable Stores (Triple S) standard. Meanwhile, Atelier Swarovski’s exclusive UN Women charity bracelet in support of the Safe Cities Global Initiative keeps on selling, with 30% of the retail price going towards UN Women for the Safe Cities Global Initiative.

Our ambition is that every time a Swarovski product is purchased, the action contributes to a better world. This way, both the natural environment and the people touched by Swarovski’s supply chain can benefit from the collective effort towards sustainable production and consumption.

For further information on CSR and Codes of Conducts, please visit our Download Center.

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