‘Ceramics’ is a beautiful range from Swarovski Crystals’ Fusion Concepts line, made from a completely original ceramic material. These innovative additions to the assortment are not only an entirely new look, they are also the first loose products made from a material other than crystal.

Dating back to prehistoric times, when ceramic materials were used to make both functional items and objets d’art, Ceramics represents a convergence of past, present, and future. Used today as a modern creative material, it signals deep cultural richness, recalling both ancient cultural artifacts and fashionable contemporary art.

With a Craquelé finish and available in seven modern colors reminiscent of the classic hues of the ceramic palette, it is the first ceramic article to be fully ground and polished to a high luster, giving subtly sophisticated reflections. No two Ceramics elements are alike: each has a unique structure and look that lend a striking individuality to jewelry pieces. At the same time, Ceramics’ colors, shapes, and facets are designed to harmonize with the rest of the Swarovski Crystals  assortment, combining easily with crystal and metal, which opens up myriad artistic possibilities.

Robust and exceptionally hard, Ceramics offers excellent resistance to chemicals such as salt, perfume, detergents, and scratches, making it a durable material for high wear-and-tear items.

Ceramics links antiquity and modernity—the perfect material to reinterpret historic jewelry for our times.

Ceramics is available in the following colors:
Crystal Elements: Marbled Ivory, Marbled Seagreen, Marbled Yellow, Marbled Black, Marbled Blue, Marbled Terracotta, Marbled Light Grey
Crystal Mesh: Marbled Yellow, Marbled Black, Marbled Blue, Marbled Terracotta, Marbled Light Grey

Textile inspiration:
Ceramics combines perfectly with the rest of the Swarovski Crystals assortment. Its ethnic appeal is achieved through using mainly earth tones to create a harmonious and noble look, and its elegant matt finish provides a striking contrast with the brilliant sparkle of crystal.

Jewelry inspiration:
Do the unexpected – combine Swarovski Crystals Ceramics with other amazing cuts, shapes, colors, and effects from the rich crystal assortment and create ancient yet modern looks that showcase the trend for mixing materials. Understated matt and lustrous brilliance, subtle sheen and radiant shimmer – Swarovski Crystyls Ceramics offers endless combinations of natural materials with sparkling designs across a range of different styles from the 1920s through to today.

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