Welcome to a world of hyper-reality

Swarovski Crystal Shiny Lacquer PRO

The new range of half-opaque, half-shiny Shiny LacquerPRO Effects mirrors our desire for intense sensory experiences—the result of the collision between the virtual and real worlds.

These new tones bring classic springtime and summer colors up to date with a hyper-real edge, enabling boldly expressive styles. Perfectly harmonized, they also make it possible to create beautifully balanced combinations within the Crystal Shiny LacquerPRO family.

These can be used to strengthen existing design ideas or to create completely new contemporary directions. With a premium lacquer coating that accentuates the lacquer shades, and the stunning mix of shiny surface with opaque reverse side, these new tones are perfect for jewelry, watches, apparel, accessories, and DIY.

The new Shiny LacquerPRO tones are Crystal Azure Blue, Crystal Peony Pink, Crystal Summer Blue, Crystal Mint Green, and Crystal Light Coral.

These shiny surfaces are coded with “S” (from L112S to L116S) and can be ordered from stock only in the shiny version. (The codes for non-shiny surfaces do not include “S”.)

They are available in Round Stones, Fancy Stones, Flat Backs No Hotfix, and Flat Backs Hotfix, as well as Transfers Hotfix and Flat Back Bandings.

Article size is limited: the smallest size for Chatons and Flat Backs is PP21 and SS10, respectively. Articles with holes, such as Beads, Pendants and Sew-on Stones are not yet possible until a cost-efficient solution for blocking holes is found. 

Throughout extensive testing, the LacquerPRO effects showed good resistance to chemical, environmental and mechanical influences such as UV, perspiration and perfume, and can be applied using common application techniques. They are also plating resistant, although not soldering resistant (tested in accordance to Swarovski’s plating guidelines).

Shoes with Swarovski Crystals in Lacquer PRO Effect

Due to the nature of the released product groups, LacquerPRO was designed for applying the lacquered side to a surface (by gluing, using a setting, etc) without exposing it to abrasion. Such is lacquer’s natural softness that a reverse application of the crystals is not recommended, as any mechanical stress could rub a crystal’s edges and peaks away. Settings with an open back are also advisable if the lacquered side is not going to be exposed to mechanical stress, such as from a nipper.

LacquerPRO is machine-washable at 30°C, but do follow the general care instructions in the Application Manual, especially with regard to delicate spinning. There is further detailed information in the Application Manual on SIA or our B2B website, as well as product information in the Application Information System (AIS). 

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