Sea inspirations for Swarovski by Céline Cousteau

Clean water for every generation through sustainable water use

Céline Cousteau

Celebrated filmmaker, humanitarian and environmentalist, Céline Cousteau, granddaughter of famed ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau, can now add designer to her growing list of accomplishments, having created her first-ever crystal collection for Swarovski.

Her designs provide a small glimpse into the versatile and splendorous underwater environment and effortlessly convey the beauty of the ocean through her work with the finest quality crystal jewelry.

One remarkable example being the Jellyfish Fancy Stone partly frosted, which is available in three different sizes and seven possible effects. 

The shape of these silent, slow water drifters is perfectly captured in the double-sided, eight-pointed crystal star. A complex multilayer cut and a frosted finish around it results in an extraordinary naturalistic appearance produced by the crystal jewelry.

Combined with other maritime impressions like the Sea Urchin Round Stone of Cousteau’s designer edition, you can create bold back-to-nature looks while also making a clear statement for sustainability and awareness about nature.

Responsibility for nature is an integral part in our company’s DNA. Since the company’s founding by Daniel Swarovski over 120 years ago, we have been committed to the care and preservation of our planet’s natural resources. We have optimized the energy use and emissions of our production across the entire value chain and with projects like the Swarovski Waterschool program we provide the supply with clean water in emerging regions.

The crystal pieces of the “Céline Cousteau” designer edition are available in the Spring/Summer 2017 collection.