Raindrop Family

Swarovski Raindrop Family

A leaf dancing in the wind like as if braving gravity, a soap bubble, the crystal structure of a snowflake or just a simple raindrop – phenomena like these attract fascination from their fleetingness. We can’t physically keep this moment but we can connect it in our minds to a positive memory. And focusing on such a little wonder of nature helps us take a step back from our hectic daily lives.

The products of the Raindrop Family are the most ambitious and glamorous way to capture such a fleeting shape in an eternal design piece. Both the Raindrop Pendant and the Raindrop Fancy Stone impress with a slim geometry and elongated silhouette. Combined with a classic and streamlined cut, this jewelries set apart from the usual drop shapes. Swarovski’s remarkable multilayer cut creates a captivating and playful sparkle that seems to appear directly in the center of the crystal, like a prism, or a rainbow after a storm. This delicate colorfulness makes the pendant highly versatile.

You can use it for male, female or unisex designs. You can also combine it with sleek shapes for a streamlined, luxurious look. Alternatively, its simple and natural appearance also suits heavier materials like leather or cord. A metal hanging on the pendant and the appropriate platings for the Fancy Stone ensure easy application on each design. The only limit is your imagination.

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