New Color Graphite

Swarovski Graphite

In today’s high-tech world and its overload of visual stimulation, there is a rapidly growing desire among more and more people for tranquility. “Down-to-earth” is taking on a whole meaning in many contexts. As a result, a classic look with a calm and mysterious aura is increasingly gaining in attraction for both genders.

With this in mind, Swarovski created the new crystal color “Graphite.” It not only adds a new dark hue and strong tone to the color spectrum. Graphite offers a special variety of trendy unisex combinations. Its deep, shadowy character is the perfect match for men and women looking for an elegant and understated look. It also works well as a sophisticated accent in edgy looks or as extraordinary red-carpet wear.

Graphite is available for many loose and forward integrated crystals. For more details, contact your local VGor us.