Metallics and Skull Bead

Introducing the New Metallics

Metallic Effects give jewelry and accessories high-octane, standout appeal. Shining out from the Pre-Season Spring/Summer 2015 assortment, and bringing a provocative edge to opulence, is Crystal Iridescent Green—the first dual-tone metallic effect—together with the exciting Crystal Metallic Blue, Crystal Metallic Light Gold, and Crystal Comet Argent Light. Completing the trend for high-sheen design is a new effect for Crystal Rocks and Crystal Fine Rocks: Peach Gold’s cool metallic shimmer is perfect for giving all segments an exciting, punk-meets-glam rock edge.

Metallic Effects are tested extensively to ensure quality and durability. However, some effects have limited abrasion and scratch resistance. Therefore, we do not recommend its use in high mechanical stress applications—watch straps, for example—and highly recommend you test before use. You are very welcome to ask for samples. Pictured are just two of the ways Metallic Effects can be successfully used to stunning effect. Perfect for textile applications, a metallic mix—from Crystal Rose Gold to Crystal Silver Night—come into their own when used to add glamour to jeans. While a necklace displaying a spectrum of effects, from Jet Hematite through to Rose Gold, provides a dramatic focus of fascination.

The Skull Bead Rocks!

Designed for the original style rebel, the edgy and darkly glam Skull Bead features an innovative and high-precision multi-layered cut to create its delicate features. Available in dramatic and mysterious Blue and Black shades, as well as shimmering metallics and standout effects such as Astral Pink and Aurora Borealis, it is perfect for street and bohemian looks, and brings a startling edge to classic designs. Or mix it with natural materials for an authentic tribal look. Its top-down hole makes it so versatile—perfect for beading, but also great for applying with pins as a charm. Use as a single eye-catching centerpiece, or combine small and large skulls to turn heads!

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