The ultra-fresh Lemon Fancy Stone

Drowsy days on a sun-soaked Italian Riviera, every village offering an abundance of fragrant lemons… Nothing captures summer more evocatively.
When the smooth contours of the classic Navette are merged with the striking facets of the Chessboard cut, the result is the spectacularly summery Lemon Fancy Stone. Its feminine, streamlined, and sparkling-fresh lemon shape is perfect for laid-back ‘la dolce vita’ style.
Best of all, Lemon Fancy Stone offers jewelry and accessories designers endless creative versatility. Not only does the sensuously curved lemon shape lend itself to floral patterning in petal or leaf motifs, its bold convex form also gives zingy energy to startlingly modern abstract designs. Cluster together large and small elements, and the result is a range of astonishing 3D effects—great for creating matching and complementary pieces.
With a color palette designed to flatter a wide range of moods, from the delicate romance of Crystal Antique Pink to the dramatic depth of Crystal Silver Night, Lemon Fancy Stone’s color intensity is enhanced by brilliant light refractions from its Chessboard cut. The result? Sensational style, effortlessly achieved.

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