Crystal up your ‚Athleisure‘ wear

Athleisure (athletics and leisure) is a trend that is on the rise. All over the world, more and more people are sporting clothing that fits a somewhat broad category of being appropriate for either athletic or leisure pursuits - or both. Swarovski offers sportswear and sports inspired manufacturers and designers just the right products and techniques for giving this line of clothing an extra special touch. Crystals are the way to go, a way to become way more fashionable.

The following examples of athleisure wear provides some possibilities on how you can apply crystals to sportswear.

For a sports bag one can use several different types of crystals and techniques. Synthetic Hotfix, Transfers and Crystal Fine Rocks Motifs can be applied by using the Hot Fix application.

Athleisure bag

No.Name and Article No.Colors
1Crystal Fine Rocks Motif 74009010001SSHA
2Synthetic Hotfix 62030005 S010 280HEM
3Metal Trimmings – Rose Pins 53303088 001SINI
6Helios Pendant 6040Silver Patina (SILPA)

To add a charm, the Crystal Rocks Motif can be applied onto Alcantara to create a strong bonding. Additionally, the motifs can be double-sided and secured with a few stitches.
To embellish the pull tab of a zipper apply Crystal Tex with the Hotfix technique and add a Pendant as a charm.
As an alternative to Hot Fix application, Mechanical application can be used to apply Rivets and Rose Pins.
One way to crystalize your leggings can be to apply our Transfers and Crystal Fabric Motifs.

Athleisure leggins

No.Name and Article No.Colors
4Transfer 748327001 NOPERF
4Transfer unlimited 748321001AB/001AB
4Crystal Fabric Motif 606774012280HEM

To make your Athleisure tops more fashionable apply Transfers or Crystal Tex to add a bit of glamour. 

Athleisure shirt

No.Name and Article No.Colors
5Syntetix Hotfix – Crystaltex 62000001 S010502
5Transfers – 748326071/001 /502