Swarovski's Framed Flat Back

A timeless fusion, suiting everything from sci-fi to industrial-inspired looks, and classic to rock chic.

Swarovski’s Framed Flat Back crystal is an elegant Cabochon Pearl-like tool for creative Millennials and Generation Z minds alike. The rounded finish exudes a sleek, polished style which can be applied on exciting handcraft projects.

Swarovski Framed Flat Back colorful examples

Millennials (born between 1980 – 2000) and Generation Z (born after 2000) are rethinking their work-life balance. Having come of age during a time of technological change, globalization, and economic disruption, they have a different perspective from that of their parents. Swinging between a rediscovered love of handcrafts and an ongoing fascination with the digital world, they regard usefulness as cool, and their active lifestyles influence everything from food to fashion.

The comfortable shapes and clever material mixing that characterize this mindset are captured in the Framed Cabochon. Based on the famous Swarovski Cabochon Pearl, which combines a pearl-like surface with the well-established Flat Back Hotfix technique, the Framed Flat Back brings both the functionality of a cost- and time-saving Hotfix rivet with the graceful look of a timeless piece.  

As the leading supplier of Flat Back crystals, we invite you to browse our pages for more imaginative ideas, read on to spark inspiration across our range of colors, shapes and sizes of Swarovski Framed crystal elements. 

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This fusion of pearly smoothness and rivets works well when combined with the existing Flat Back assortment—absolutely perfect for the new breed of bright, young things. Available in one color and five effects, with casings in gold, silver or gunmetal.