Skull Flat Back & Rimmed Flat Backs

Rising urbanization has led to a renewed focus on street culture, prompting the tough street look that’s currently sweeping the design world. No symbol captures this spirit better than the skull motif. So iconic has it become that Swarovski has included a Skull Flat Back in its Spring/Summer 2018 assortment. 

For hundreds of years the skull was a symbol of power; then 15th-century jewelry makers began incorporating it as a fashionable memento mori ("remember you must die”). It came back into fashion in the late 1800s, when, following the death of her husband, Queen Victoria’s jewels featured delicate skulls in precious metals. Rock-star royalty made it popular again in the mid-60s, since when the skull has evolved into a “gangsta-chic” emblem beloved of the rebel culture. It’s the perfect match for edgier styles, satisfying the need for “bling” in street-inspired designs.

The Skull Flat Back is a Swarovski-exclusive version of the sophisticated Skull Bead, the first skull shape to be included in the Flat Back assortment. This answers customer demand for a Hot Fix version of the skull motif that’s suitable for gluing on textiles, plus a No Hotfix version that can be glued to almost any surface. A glamorously edgy addition to fashion accessories, textiles, footwear, and DIY projects, it’s available in 7 effects and 1 color, and comes in packing units of 10x7.5mm (72 pieces), 14x10.5mm (36 units), and 18x14mm (30 pieces). Garments decorated with Skull Flat Back Hot Fix are washable—just follow the care instructions in our application manual.

Equally suited to edgy, gender-neutral, yet high-glamour designs in womenswear, shoes, bags, and fashion accessories is another Flat Back: the sophisticated, metal-inspired Rimmed Flat Back. Based on the classic XILION SS10 cut, which completes the existing range of XIRIUS SS16, SS20 and SS34, the Rimmed Flat Back has a new-look rim and a dark and enigmatic pattern. It comes in Crystal, plus 8 colors and 2 trim effects, with customization options that can be found in the customized catalog. Perfect for Hotfix application using a standard heat press. Textiles embellished with Rimmed Flat Backs are machine-washable.

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