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The new Flame Flat Back

Swarovski Crystal Flame Flat Back continued

The most famous metaphor or symbol for passion and love, besides the heart, is definitely fire. In many languages it is used as part of common expressions and sayings. To be “on fire”, for example, means following your passions wholeheartedly. Or people talk about an “inner flame” when describing their love of life.

Swarovski Crystal Art. 2205 Flame Flat Back, Fireopal F (237)

Art. 2205 Flame Flat Back, Fireopal F (237)

The new Flame Flat Back is Swarovski’s expression of this metaphor. It’s your chance to reflect your inner passion in your style. The classic drop shape, a bestseller in the Swarovski assortment, has been given a modern interpretation, true to the motto, as a crystal incarnation of the element of fire. A special multilayer cut transforms the incident light into a dynamic, multi-color sparkle, like the flickering of a candle flame.

To further enhance the effect, use the crystal in two-tone colors that imitate fire, such as yellow, orange, or red. This really does give the expression “playing with fire” a new meaning. 

Three different sizes are available: 7 mm, 10 mm, and 14 mm. You can also choose between four effects and five different colors to create your perfect version.

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