Crystal Shiny Lacquer PRO

Discover Swarovski’s Crystal Shiny Lacquer PRO – an exclusive, colorful array of tones which manages to blend rich hues and calming shades to mirror the enduring elegance symbolized by Swarovski crystal classics.

Swarovski’s collection of Crystal Shiny Lacquer PRO

The earthy color palette offered by the new Crystal Shiny Lacquer PRO colors, with its subtle shades that merge toned-down shine with polished sophistication, echoes the consumer mood.


These premium Swarovski crystal lacquer effects create an authentic coating to enhance statement pieces. The chemical resistance renders it perfect for lacquer jewelry, apparel, accessories, watches and DIY.


New Swarovski Lacquer Colors

Two new colors, Crystal Ivory Cream and Crystal Dark Red, bring a sense of heritage and authenticity. Crystal Iridescent Red Pearl is their perfect accompaniment, oscillating between rich red and airy gray tones, a perfect match for the new Crystal Shiny Lacquer PRO effects:

contemporary Crystal Dark Grey, with the classic gemstone colors of Crystal Royal Red, Crystal Royal Blue and Crystal Royal Green adding a sense of reassuring timelessness to otherwise eclectic styles.