The Crystal Rocks family

The ultra-modern Crystal Rocks family comprises the ever-popular Crystal Rocks and Crystal Fine Rocks, together with newcomer Crystal Ultrafine Rocks-it. 

Swarovski’s collection of refined crystal rocks can be used in crystal jewelry designs, ideal for intricate textile applications.

Introducing the Swarovski Crystal Rocks family

Collectively, they make super-luxurious design treatments possible through the use of densely positioned double-pointed Chatons in varying sizes. With smooth surface and edges, their irregular arrangement gives a unique, shimmering sparkle across a range of colors and effects, perfectly suited to accessories, jewelry, interiors, textiles, and new segments.


Crystal Rocks and Crystal Fine Rocks are now joined by the new Crystal Ultrafine Rocks-it. Fueled by the rise in music festivals, a free-spirited, glam-rock style is merging with gender-fluidity and a cool, devil-may-care attitude, as consumers rediscover a desire to flaunt and express themselves. Crystal Ultrafine Rocks-it conveys a sense of nonchalant energy and edgy opulence, capturing the anti-establishment mood that’s rocking the design world.


Motif Design Inspiration

With enhanced brilliance thanks to the high density of crystal coverage (40 per cent more crystals than Crystal Fine Rocks), together with its thinness, lightness of weight and flexibility, Crystal Ultrafine Rocks-it is ideal for the textile segment, with its 3.4mm width making even filigree designs possible.


Scroll through our assortment of Swarovski motif inspirations below. Our image carousel exhibits delicate crystal jewelry arrangements which reflect a scintillating, on-trend modernity that the crystal elements symbolize.