Crystal Fine Mesh – now with motifs!

Created for a new generation of luxury fashion

Swarovski and fashion have formed a natural symbiosis over the last 60 years. Popular designers worldwide have been so inspired by the crystal magic that they have developed their creations using sparkling Swarovski elements.

Swarovski Crystal Fine Mesh - Look Sharp - Wear Crystal

22 years ago, this creative collaboration reached its first peak. Swarovski consolidated its status as a driver of crystalline design innovations by presenting “Crystal Mesh”, a sparkling yet flexible crystal fabric. It can be applied easily on many different materials, either by heat (the Hotfix version) or by gluing or sewing (the No Hotfix version), so that an ordinary dress can be transformed into a classy red carpet outfit.

Predestined for grandeur

This innovation carved out a brand new area of high-glamour fashion. Even today it remains one of the most sought-after Swarovski products, appealing to all the top designers. One of many reasons for this is the product’s great variety. Three different casings and 60 colors offer an endless range of possibilities. 

Swarovski Crystal Fine Mesh

In 2014, Swarovski developed this innovation and introduced Crystal Fine Mesh. Thousands of XILION chatons as small as size PP9 are connected to an extremely smooth, flowing material that can be handled like silk or other luxury fabrics. Its premiere on the Atelier Versace Fall/Winter 2014 catwalk in Paris amazed industry experts. A few months later, Gwen Stefani brought Crystal Fine Mesh to the red carpet at the Emmy Awards with a creation from Atelier Versace. Many celebrities have since followed in her footsteps and Swarovski has become an ultimate symbol of high-glamour fashion.

From monochrome to multicolor

The evolution of Crystal Fine Mesh is not over yet, however. In fact, quite the opposite. There are now 36 colors and 16 effects available. These include the most popular motifs for garments and accessories: animal prints. For a long time it was almost regarded as a sacrilege to use these prints in high fashion, but that’s a thing of the past. Animal prints offer designers the opportunity to give a classy outfit that special touch, or to transform a standard animal print into a luxury design. Whatever the aim, Crystal Fine Mesh is always the right choice for creating a premium fashion product.

Swarovski Crystal Fine Mesh