The new Contour Flat Backs

Swarovski Contour Flat Backs

Beauty is not defined by the degree of perfection. Natural beauty lives – for most part – from small imperfections, from a raw, unspoiled exterior. It seems to follow its own rules of glamour, but the result is equally stunning.

Contour Flat Backs pay a representative tribute to the creativeness of Mother Earth. Each crystal reminds the viewer of natural rocks. They give us the impression of natural discovery molded by a variety of elements over the centuries. Their asymmetric facets are bent into a shape that is slightly reminiscent of a footprint, underscoring the natural-looking surface of the crystal. In your hand, each one seems like a unique item with its own character.

With its organic shape, this crystal is ideally suited for edgy accessories with an ethnic or modern folk touch. Styles with a “natural feel” focus are also a good match. At heart, however, it’s a Swarovski crystal designed to enrich any look with an above-standard glamour, no matter what color or effect you choose.

The Contour Flat Backs crystal is available in Hotfix and No Hotfix versions. You can choose between five effects and 6 colors.

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