The Cabochon Family

Denim jeans embellished with crystals from the Cabochon family Swarovski crystal range

The Cabochon FamilyPearls are one of the greatest symbols of luxury. Their matte harmonious shimmer made by nature can only be compared with the purity of a diamond. No wonder the textile industry is so eager to use pearls on its fabrics. But what is the best way to apply this jewelry on a dress? A round-shaped object on a flat surface is not necessarily a natural match.

Swarovski’s expertise in crystal design led to a spectacular solution: The Cabochon Pearl

Combining a pearl-like surface with the established Flat Back Hotfix technique, the Cabochon Pearl creates a stunning effect that is both easy and versatile to use. The flexible Hotfix glue on the flat reverse side bonds with most surfaces; including wool, cotton, rayon, LYCRA®, silk, acrylic and denim.

Swarovski also expanded its Flat Back Bandings and Crystaltex Bandings lines with the Cabochon pearl.

Their release in late 2014 during the Innovations Autumn/Winter 2015/16 was certainly a great success, with these two options opening a whole new world of design possibilities for designers of fashion, accessories and even jewelry.

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