Shiatzy Chen / Taiwan

Brand Information

Launched in 1978, the distinctive Taiwanese fashion label ‘Shiatzy Chen’ was born as the ‘New Look of China’, with designs that re-interpret Chinese history and culture in stylish and avant-garde silhouettes. From the texture, luminosity, and movement of the fabric, to the intricate and elaborate embroidered patterns and techniques, Creative Director Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia (aka Shiatzy Chen) develops designs by infusing traditional aesthetics with new techniques.


Shiatzy Chen is inspired by the ‘Four Treasures of the Scholar’s Study’: brush, ink, paper, and ink stone—the elements handed down through the generations in Chinese culture. This practice originated 5,000 years ago, when people were already grinding stone to leave graphic or textural marks for their descendants. Ink stone is the stage on which colors play: lighter shades are like a budding rose, and brighter shades are vibrant, like peonies, while intense tones are deeply mysterious, like moss. The surfaces of ink stone are silky-smooth, with shimmering metallic layers that reflect the colors of our lives and the shades of our emotions.

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