Reminiscence / France

Brand Information

Reminiscence is a tale of passion and boldness with a unique style that has distinguished it since its creation in 1970, turning it into a signature brand. A story of collaborative fusion between its muse, Zoé, and its charismatic creator, Nino Amaddeo, Reminiscence is about inner beauty and the quest for noble raw ingredients. Like all great adventures, it is very instinctive. Constantly in a state of evolution, Reminiscence is driven by its creativity. The jewelry exudes know-how, craftsmanship and unexpected combinations of materials.


The richness of India, with its cultural wealth, sumptuous palaces, and thousand-and-one colors and beliefs, provides an endless source of inspiration. The necklace and earrings feature precious crystals, multiple complex settings, and shimmering contrasting colors worthy of an Indian princess. Their bold and elegant glamour would fit perfectly in the jewelry collection of a modern Maharaja.

Telephone Nr:+33 492935693

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