Rafinity Haute Joallerie / Morocco

Brand Information

M&L is a new limited-edition jewelry collection designed by sisters Meriem and Leila El Hajouji, and made at their famous family-owned company, Rafinity. Their father Aziz El Hajouji, who began working with jewelry at the age of thirteen, built Rafinity into a business employing a thousand employees—its jewelry is a byword for beauty and elegance. The sisters developed a passion for jewelry from an early age, which developed into a talent for working with gemstones and precious metals. Their new range is characterized by a blend of tradition and modernity, along with beauty, grace and femininity, and can be found in Rafinity boutiques throughout Morocco.


The rich culture and traditions of Morocco provided the inspiration for the colorful new M&L jewelry collection. Consisting of a headband, ‘tie’ necklace, collar, belt and swimsuit jewelry that have beautiful Arabic names, these stunning pieces are made from the finest materials and precious gemstones in a kaleidoscope of vivid colors. They bring joyful color and sparkling glamour to every woman that wears them.

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