Poggi / France

Brand Information

Patrick Battaglia and Pio Durando launched Poggi in 1976, motivated by the desire to breathe new life into fashion jewelry. With stores, a showroom and a studio in downtown Paris, Poggi jewelry represents the purest expression of ‘Made in France’, with designs entirely handcrafted by les petites mains (expert French craftswomen). The designers’ Italian origins set the tone for their collections—they can be baroque, art deco, Seventies, glamorous, or rock 'n' roll, depending on their creative whims. With a trademark look that is strong and seductive with a hint of humor, it appeals to original, dynamic women. Poggi is sold in the US, Russia, Japan, Australia and Europe.


The inspiration behind all of Poggi’s collections varies according to rhythm of Patrick Battaglia’s and Pio Durando’s everyday lives, as well as the changing seasons and various artistic and cultural influences—especially the designers’ Italian roots.

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