Philippe Audibert / France

Brand Information

Paris-based artist and sculptor Philippe Audibert studied for eight years at the famous Académie des Beaux-Arts. He founded his luxury jewelry brand in 1989, developing his distinctive woven-metal sculptural style, which led to the impressive cuffs that captured international attention. In 1999, Audibert established a partnership with Swarovski, and today owns exclusive rights to several crystal shapes, including those used in his designs. By mixing metal plated in silver or gold with elastic and Swarovski crystals, he has created a brand signature that is feminine, sophisticated and unique, of which the iconic elastic cuff has become ready-to-wear art. Made entirely in his Paris workshop, Philippe Audibert’s enterprise is a proper ‘atelier de couture’, where pieces are handmade to order.


At World Jewelry Facets 2014, Philippe Audibert is presenting an inspirational contemporary interpretation of ancient Persian treasure that encapsulates the greatness of the Persian empire, and recalls its precious artifacts.

Telephone Nr:+33 1 42 84 11 55

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