Jean Paul Gaultier / France

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Jean Paul Gaultier was born in 1952 in a Paris suburb and has started his career with Pierre Cardin in 1970, on the day of his 18th birthday. After working at Esterelle, Patou and again at Cardin, Gaultier decided to start his own fashion house and staged his first show in Paris in 1976. Critical and commercial success followed quickly and by the early eighties he was one of the most talked about young designers. From the beginning of his career, Jean Paul Gaultier wanted to show that beauty has many facets and that we can find it where we least expect it like in a lowly tin can which first became a bracelet and later the packaging for his hugely successful perfume. His menswear was launched in 1984 with the “Male Object” collection and in 1997 Gaultier has realized his dream of starting an haute couture collection “Gaultier Paris”.


The bracelet and necklace from Jean Paul Gaultier’s elegant and graphic Ex-Punk-Sive collection, featuring Crystal Spikes from Swarovski, is inspired by Punk culture. The richness of the materials and the delicacy of the jewelry lines bring a touch of couture for daytime, as well as for evening.

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