Etalon Jenavi / Russia

Brand Information

Jenavi is the largest jewelry brand in Russia. Composed of letters from the names of its founders, Viktoria and Evgeny Protopopov, and their daughter, Natalya, the brand sprang to life in 1991 in St. Petersburg. Headed by Creative Director Viktoria Protopova, the signature Jenavi jewelry design style incorporates crystals, pearls, natural and artificial stones, fur, and leather. Collaborations with leading Russian designers see it showcased at major fashion events and exported all over the world.


Travel and exposure to other cultures provide a steady flow of design inspiration, but the Malevich bracelet and belt set were influenced by something closer to home: Russian avant-garde art—in particular, the 1913 art movement known as ‘Suprematism’, led by artist Kazimir Malevich. Based on geometric shapes painted in a limited range of colors, the Jenavi Malevich jewelry collection is a 21st-century interpretation of his famous ‘Black Square’ artwork.

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