Camila Klein / Brazil

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Camila Klein’s background is in architecture and fine art. A self-taught jewelry and accessories designer, she specializes in exclusive creations that explore shapes and color palettes, whose sheer originality has earned her worldwide recognition. Vogue has called her a true artist who has conquered the fashion elite with exaggerated costume jewelry akin to pure art installations.


On a trip to Vienna, Camila Klein rediscovered the paintings of symbolist painter, Gustav Klimt, whose work ranges from strong colors with a predominance of golden shades, to the delicacy with which he creates his female characters.

Camila Klein’s luxurious Winter 2014 collection, in which the outstanding and subtle—simultaneously present in Klimt’s work—appear in bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings, representing an encounter between delicacy and drama that harmonizes, balances and, at the same time, provokes.

Telephone Nr:+55 1138844503

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