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"It all started with my grandmother's dressing table. It was always covered with beautiful jewellery and enameled hair brushes... and so from a very young age, I was hooked..."

With a BA degree in Fine Arts (Stellenbosch, South Africa) and later a Masters degree in gold-smithing (Munich, Germany), ANTON HEUNIS started his own fashion jewellery label in Madrid (Spain) in 2004.

What started off as a dream to make beautiful pieces of jewellery from his apartment in Madrid, has grown, within a few years, into an international fashion jewellery label. ANTON HEUNIS is stocked in over 500 of the world's most exclusive department stores and shops.

Drawing his inspiration from everyday life, ANTON HEUNIS with his meticulous eye has developed these impressions into his "Modern Vintage"-look, which has become his trademark. HEUNIS prides himself in having a very hands-on approach to his label. Every single piece is handmade in the historical centre of Madrid-where he designs all the collections and later oversees the production within the studio.

"Jewellery is something personal, something intimate and should be made with love" says Anton Heunis.


This masterpiece, made in shades of pale gold, jet and emerald embellished with Swarovski crystals, has its roots in the famous Spanish Catholic tradition known as Semana Santa (Holy Week), which takes place before Easter. Anton Heunis has drawn inspiration from the iconic figure of the Spanish woman wearing a mantilla—a lace scarf worn over the head as a mark of respect on religious occasions.

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