Trend: Hacked Nature

Pablo Picasso’s words have become reality: “Everything you can imagine is real.”

Ever faster, ever present, the onslaught of technology has become as much part of our daily lives as the air we breathe and the earth that we inhabit. Out of this reality the Swarovski crystal collection Hacked Nature was created. 

Swarovksi Inspiration Hacked Nature

Nature and technology are blending and merging to form bold new impressions out of seemingly polar opposites, as our increasingly digital world fuels a growing desire for a deeper connection with nature.

We seek bold sensations in our everyday experiences where shapes, colors and constructions create an emotionally compelling overload. Exaggerated surfaces indicate a hyper-natural, super-tactile direction for funked-up tropical fashions, with an innovative approach to materials.

Virtual reality has altered our perceptions, mixing the real with the imaginary in order to hyper-stimulate the senses. Nevertheless, Mother Nature’s onslaught cannot be denied—sustainability is at the core of all design thinking, even as technology advances. 

Eco-conscious attitudes are influencing a new wave of luxurious, sustainable alternatives, along with increasingly creative approaches to using recycled materials. A merging of these two opposites has therefore become the natural progression, blending hyper-real synthetic colors and shapes with nature-inspired forms in “phygital” (physical and digital) designs. 

As we continue to seek bold sensations in our everyday experiences, so nature will continue to nourish and inspire design in new “phygital” surrounds. Shapes, colors and constructions will, of necessity, explore the über-sensorial, creating an emotionally compelling sensory overload in the designs of the future.

Andy Farrow describes how he captured the Hacked Nature theme in his piece as“playing with an exaggerated floral surface and replicating the randomness of nature with the use of color and shape intertwined. The “hacking” is represented by the manipulation of the base metal, brass, manipulated into three-dimensional forms.” 

Dramatic surfaces are created using new synthetics and clustered crystals for a hyper-sensorial effect. This desire for heightened sensory experiences is answered in the new Shimmer effect, blending a futuristic gleam with bold crystal colors in nature-tech hues.

It is joined by a new range of Shiny LacquerPRO effects that updates classic summer tones with a hyper-real edge for styles with bold expression. 

Trend Collage Hacked Nature



Exaggerated surfaces create a hyper-natural, super tactile direction for funked-up tropical fashions with an innovative approach to materials.



The era of the “phygital” (physical + digital) has commenced where tech scientists become designers and designers become tech scientists to create one trans-natural product.



Shapes, colors and constructions explore the continued focus on the sensorial, haptic essence of new designs as designers become interested in altering people’s realities, minds and emotions.



Exaggerated surfaces are created with bright synthetic colors and clustered crystals for hyperstimulating effects as bringing emotion back into designs becomes paramount.



We seek bold sensations in our everyday experiences where shapes, colors and constructions create an emotionally compelling overload.