New Perpectives for Spring/Summer 2018

Introducing Spring/Summer 2018 Innovations & Inspirations

Renowned for creating beautifully crafted crystals, Swarovski’s innovations are driven by stories that capture the defining mood of the moment in ways that have meaning. Products are developed that speak, have a voice, and have relevance to the world in which we live. They offer a glimpse of a radiant future.

Swarovski’s innovations tell our story, share our beliefs, and highlight our desires—this season, our story is the need for New Perspectives. We live in an age of disruption, and Spring/Summer 2018’s crystal innovations reflect the value revolution that is taking place as we seek to redefine ourselves. Old dividing lines are being broken down—between luxury and street, the natural and the digital, male and female, and even between opposing belief systems. Driven by the Millennials and Generation Z, their message is loud and clear: We need a new world order.


Tired of the labels, diversity in looks and aesthetics is becoming the norm. Generation X, the first truly individualist generation to rebel against stereotypical thinking, is actively redefining middle age, pushing towards individualism and non-conformity. Generation Y and Z, meanwhile, are turning everything we held true in the past on its head, eradicating labels from fashion, lifestyles, gender, and even religions.


In our new world, women are redefining themselves and their position in society (seen in the rise of being single); men are fronting makeup campaigns for traditional women’s cosmetic brands; male models showcase women’s clothes in advertising and on catwalks; and the natural and the digital are merging.


This need to connect, to create, to make ourselves heard, to give ourselves a voice, to right the wrongs and repair the injustices is front and center. Fearful of the future, but dedicated to making society a better place, the desire to bring some light and color to our world is of more importance than ever before.


The story behind Swarovski’s Spring/Summer 2018 crystal innovations focuses on the need for New Perspectives. Four new trends characterize the mood: Gang Star, No Normal, Hacked Nature, and Spell Bound.

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