Water: An Elemental Design for Everyone - Precious & Beautiful

Céline Cousteau: granddaughter of Jacques Cousteau and Swarovski designer.

Céline Cousteau, the granddaughter of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau.

Water, with its symbolic sense of rebirth and renewal, is once again captivating the design world. That’s because water, as a resource, is getting more and more rare and precious. Increasingly aware of the scarcity of clean water, we are becoming more mindful of maintaining this valuable commodity. With its dynamic power, depth, stillness and life-giving force, water affects an inspiring element of force in us.

Swarovski Spring/Summer 2017 innovations inspired by WATER.

Swarovski’s new crystal innovations for Spring/Summer 2017 capture the unique beauty of marine habitats. They draw our attention to their fragility and the need for protecting these rare environments. Each Swarovski design element captures the full splendor of the colorful and mysterious underwater world. Rich teal tones are highlighted with fresh yellows and bursts of dark pink that echo the brilliant hues of coral reefs. Silvery light chrome lends a futuristic sheen.

Our new color Yellow Opal with a lustrous finish mixes sheer color power with gemstone allure. That’s ideal for a fresh, opulent look. All of them combine the pure beauty of water with incredible power, once again illustrating the uniqueness of nature.