Fire: A Real Style Explosion by Swarovski

Our innovations inspired by fire

Swarovski Crystals from the Spring/Summer 2017 innovations inspired by FIRE.

The time of austerity and rejection of emotions - in fashion and in general - is definitely over. Today we witness permanent “showing off”, both in public life and on social media. Highlighting our individuality has reached boiling point and is spilling over into the design world.

People are more and more interested in designs that attract instant attention by addressing basic emotions. A design will only be accepted if it can spark the “fire within”. The fire-inspired Swarovski crystal innovations for Spring/Summer 2017 bring the passion, sensuality and originality back into glamour.

The Flame Flat Back offers an authentic and modern interpretation of the fire theme. Its shape and multilayer cut echoes a real candle flame and the synergy of color and effect creates stunning naturalistic facets. This makes the crystal suited to very sensual and high-glamour styles for women.

In addition to this crystal showpiece, Swarovski reflects the power of fire in two new and very different colors. Yellow Opal, on the one hand, is a new, fresh, and shiny element in our color selection. It brings boldness and brightness to every design. The color Graphite, on the other hand, represents the dark, mysterious side of passion and power. Together with a perfect crystal cut, you instantly think of an impressive piece of coal formed by the fire. This great combination creates strong ethnic designs with just the right touch of glamour.

Dress and cuff embellished with Swarovski crystals as fashion inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2017 innovations.

All these innovations form the essence of our leading principle: The Balance of Nature. Together with the other elements - earth, air and water – you have a consistent base for all your fashion ideas.