Earth: The Natural Way to Glamour

Our Spring/Summer 2017 innovations inspired by Earth

Swarovski crystals from the Spring/Summer 2017 innovations inspired by Earth.

Our relationship with nature is gradually fading away – fueled by the growing feeling of living in a world that is totally immersed in technology, a world where virtual reality dominates every aspect of our lives. For many people, it is therefore more important than ever before to find a balance and to spend more time with the natural world. Swarovski’s innovations for Spring/Summer 2017 address this desire to reconnect with the Earth.

Swarovski crystals from the Spring/Summer 2017 innovations inspired by Earth.

They are realizing what a growing body of research confirms – focusing on what the Earth has to offer and getting back to nature holds tremendous value. Purchasing locally grown produce at the farmer’s market is gaining in popularity, even more so the trend for creating menus from seasonally grown, all-natural ingredients. The popularity of holistic medicines and herbal remedies also indicates our growing desire for natural alternatives to support our sense of well-being. 

Swarovski crystals from the Spring/Summer 2017 innovations inspired by Earth.

Products and designs also convey our longing to reconnect with the Earth. Handmade or handcrafted objects made of natural materials, woven plant fibers, recycled fabrics and crystals are gaining more and more ground in various markets. Fashion is being “reworked” and “recycled”, it increasingly reflects global ethnic accents and our respect to Mother Nature – the most important teacher of a life lived in balance with nature.

Symbolizing this growing awareness, our new Earth-inspired Swarovski innovations comprise various design elements with an earthy radiance and subtle messages.

The Scarab Bead, for example, as a reference to the ancient Egyptian culture. A scarab was a popular talisman considered to be a symbol of good luck because of the beetle’s special connection to nature.

Another classic symbol is the tiger. As the incarnation of majesty, natural power and a fighting spirit, the Tiger Pavé Pendant captures the animal’s character with a clear-shaped pattern and brilliant pavé finish. In combination with its metal surfaces, it offers a striking likeness of its natural counterpart. Naturally, the tiger also represents our desire (and responsibility) to protect and preserve the environment and its majestic creatures.

It is symbols like these that show us how important it is to keep “The Balance of Nature” alive – in our world and in our minds.