Air: Stand Still and Breathe

Our Spring/Summer 2017 innovations inspired by AIR

Swarovski pearls and crystals for Spring/Summer 2017 inspired by AIR.

Modern technologies are becoming increasingly complex and are defining every aspect of our lives. More and more, people are flooded with constant information and are spending their lives in a state of sensory overload. People are yearning for a simpler way of life and a break from its hectic pace. A reassessment of life’s values is needed.

Swarovski pearl and crystal collection for Spring/Summer 2017 inspired by AIR.

With their soft colors and classic designs, our new air-inspired Swarovski innovations reflect this trend of striving for a calmer and more substantial existence.

Our Crystal Pearlescent White Pearls fulfill the desire for purity and tranquility in daily life. This Swarovski pearl offers a modern update with its white, iridescent, frosted mother-of-pearl look. The purity of a graceful pearl is combined with a contemporary twist. The soft shimmer is perfect for pure and clean designs. It accentuates patterns and adds depth to modern folk styles.

The Twister Fancy Stone also represents the air theme. Inspired by a windmill and symbolizing wind and motion, it resembles a dynamic, twirling star.

Our Dragonfly Pavé Pendant unites harmony, change and self-discovery as important themes of life in a pure, classic and filigree design. And with our Raindrop Family you can create beautiful elegant looks.


With this homage to pure and classic designs, hectic and chaotic times are long forgotten.