Launch Spring/Summer 2016

Between Heaven and Earth

Swarovski, the global leader in cut crystal and fashion jewelry, introduces its dazzling new loose crystal collection of cuts, colors, effects and line extensions for Spring/Summer 2016. Inspired by the season’s inspiration, ‘Between Heaven and Earth’.

These are the stars in the new collection of crystal cuts, colors and effects from Swarovski for Spring/Summer 2016.

Art. 5515 Emerald Cut Swarovski Bead

Art. 5515 Emerald Cut Bead

Dramatic flashes of light 

Emerald Cut Bead creates a stunningly opulent fine jewelry look by extra depth and brilliant interplay of light. Perfect as a center stone, standalone item, in statement pieces or opulent rows.

Crystal Swarovski Metallic Sunshine

Crystal Metallic Sunshine (001 METSH)

Time to shine

Crystal Metallic Sunshine is the season‘s most eye-catching hue. Discover its potential for both classic and glamorous styles. It is literally time to shine!

Swarovski Crystals Blush Rose (257)

Blush Rose (257)

The rosy side of life

Blush Rose adds that fancy pink diamonds-touch to cutting edge designs. Soft, joyful and bright it is sophisticated, modern and very feminine.

Swarovski Crystal Powder Yellow (001 L101)

Crystal Powder Yellow (001 L101)

Pastel promise

Crystal LacquerPRO Effects and Crystal Pastel Pearls are a fresh take on to the ever continuing washed out look and vintage trend. Available in a range of colors and cuts – irresistible avant-garde.

Art. 4778 Fatima Hand Swarovski Fancy Stone

Art. 4778 Fatima Hand Fancy Stone

Magical cross-cultural

Fatima Hand, Buddha Fancy Stone and Buddha Pendant are magic signs for maximum impact. Brilliant statements of balance, imagination and mind to energize consciousness and appeal to the eyes.


4779 Buddha Fancy Stone, 4778 Fatima Hand Fancy Stone, 4784 Greek Cross Fancy Stone, 4785 Clover Fancy Stone

Art. 6530 Swarovski Pure Drop Pendant with Art. 65M001 Trumpet Cap

Art. 6530 Pure Drop Pendant with Art. 65M001 Trumpet Cap

Vibrant power of two times three

Pure Drop Pendant and Twisted Drop Pendant are the perfect fit for extra-dazzling jewelry designs. Enjoy multiple possibilities by choosing from 2 crystal shapes and 3 metal parts.

Transfer Unlimited Crystal Pendant

Transfer Unlimited

The revolution that refines your designs
Transfer Unlimited is Swarovski´s brand-new crystal setting technology. Minimum distance between elements and up to 18 different crystals, colors, sizes or shapes in one motif, to create stunning 3D surfaces, long rows and even floating effects. Transfer Unlimited has sparked the inspiration of Jean Paul Gaultier. His captivating patterns were presented at his Haute Couture show in Paris.

This season focuses on the human quest for happiness, strength, hope and fulfillment, and the importance of visual representation as a way of expressing these desires. Historically imbued with perceived spiritual powers, such symbols have acquired cross-cultural meaning, exemplified by today’s emoji, which have overcome all language barriers to become accepted expressions worldwide. Four sub-themes for Spring/Summer 2016 have been identified, with their corresponding crystal innovations: The Blossoming of Happiness (Classic); The Nature of Strength (Progressive); The Mythology of Hope (Romantic); The Power of Belief (Glamour).


Art. 4785 Swarovski Clover Fancy Stone, Color: Emerald F (205)

Spring has long been a metaphor for renewal, with new growth appearing even after the harshest winters. This is reflected in floral pastels, with a dreamy new Blush Rose color reminiscent of fancy pink diamonds, mixed with mellow green, noble burgundy and pale primrose yellow, with cool steel blue adding an elegant twist. Classic Swarovski designs are updated with geometric simplicity: origami-inspired effects are an important design component, with varied sizes of precise modular crystal shapes mirroring the complexity of floral anatomy.

Providing an ideal base for nature-inspired patterns, the traditional symbolism of the new Clover Fancy Stone offers both a charming jewelry component and talisman in one.


Swarovski Crystal Pastel Blue Pearl (001 966)

In uncertain times, a sense of team spirit and the need to pull together gain social importance. Little encapsulates this imperative more effectively than sport, so it is unsurprising that sportswear in creative combinations of synthetic materials and crystals should continue its ascent unabated as a symbol of social cohesion. Shapes across all design segments are pared back to basic principles to allow ease and comfort—minimalist, ergonomic and smooth Swarovski crystal shapes are perfect adornments for an active lifestyle. The new rectangular Emerald Cut Bead imparts an air of modern confidence to sports-luxe looks, whether used as a standalone centerpiece or in rows for extra opulence. Included in the Progressive palette is the new powdery Crystal Pastel Pearls effect, available in five subtle contemporary tones. Of these, Crystal Pastel Green Pearl and Crystal Pastel Blue Pearl are a modern interpretation of pastels, which are combined with smooth crystals and ceramic shapes, giving a streamlined sense of movement in sports-inspired designs. Included in the Progressive palette is the new powdery Crystal Pastel Pearls effect, available in five subtle contemporary tones. Of these, Crystal Pastel Green Pearl and Crystal Pastel Blue Pearl are a modern interpretation of pastels, which are combined with smooth crystals and ceramic shapes, giving a streamlined sense of movement in sports-inspired Swarovski designs.


Swarovski Art. 6541 Twisted Drop Pendant (half hole) with classic cap, Crystal Paradise Shine (001 PARSH)

Modern yet mythological, Romantic design takes its influence from ancient Greek goddesses, folkloric winged creatures, and the soft dappled light of dawn and dusk. Designs are ethereal and playful, feminine and powerful, with understated decorative symbolism using cosmic crystal stars, crescent moons and clusters of crystal pearls. Beautifully complementing this delicate airiness, the new Pure Drop Pendant (half hole) reinterprets the iconic drop shape, epitomizing ‘less is more’ and perfectly complementing the simplicity of sculpted feminine silhouettes where shape plays the main role. The new Twisted Drop Pendant (half hole) is an edgier reinvention of the pendant, boasting a subtly complex cut that creates a sense of movement, kaleidoscopically reflecting light. Offering a modern take on pastels, the new delicate Crystal Lacquer effect comes in five shades, with Crystal Powder Gray particularly suited to the Romantic category, illustrating the trend towards washed-out opalescent effects.


Jewelry Made With Swarovski Crystals

Sacred iconography has long been a versatile design element in the world of fashion—now it is re-imagined for a modern era through Swarovski Crystals. Spiritual symbols in rich jewel colors suggest prosperity, luxury and quality, captured in the burnished gold of a new effect, Crystal Metallic Sunshine. Together with the shimmering silver of the new Crystal Light Chrome effect, they create cross-cultural crystal style statements of opulence and grandeur, ideal for eclectic and individualistic jewelry and accessories. Three new Fancy Stones perfectly illustrate the trend, linking modernism with traditional beliefs: Fatima Hand Fancy Stone, based on the ‘Hamsa Hand’ of ancient Mesopotamia with five fingers said to protect against evil; Buddha Fancy Stone (and Buddha Pendant) conveying Asian values of tranquility and stability; and the complex Greek Cross Fancy Stone (and Greek Cross pendant), an ancient religious symbol with roots in ancient Hindu, Central Asian, Celtic and Mexican culture. Merging history with modernity has become an important design principle, combining chic looks with symbolic value. Now, for the first time, it is interpreted in stunning crystal.

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