Glamour Tren: Party Spirit

The message for Fall/Winter 2017/18 is clear: Be whoever you want to be. This translates into a look that is distinctly rock-’n’-roll, worn with a just-thrown-together attitude at any time, night or day.

Swarovski Crystal Innovations

With a nod to the theatrical style and stage presence of music legends from the past. In this direction, nothing is out of bounds. 

Rebellious, gender-fluid design statements are boldly expressed in luxury materials combined with leather, chains, beads and crystals.

A strong color palette with metallic riffs of silver and gold, with detailed crystal patterning inspired by the 70s and 80s, foretells a new glam-rock direction.

The effect on jewelry is pronounced: refinement merges with rebelliousness in a trend where delicate crystal shapes are subverted. This individualism is captured in the Kite Fancy Stone and glam-rock Female and Male Symbol Fancy Stones, while the metallic luster of the new Crystal Rainbow Dark effect offers an edginess that’s perfectly in step with this gender-neutral glamour.

Androgynous pieces are jumbled together in a melting pot of patterns and textures, eras and genders. Shapes are sculptural and exaggerated; zip-inspired jewelry and unconventional, embellished chains add an edgy twist; and gunmetal and hardware enhance the rebellious feel.

Statement crystal chokers reference 70s glam-rock, while signet rings embedded with crystal take on new proportions. This is contemporary, irreverent, edgy glamour with an unapologetic more-is-more attitude. Understatement is not an option.

Colorpalett Glamour

Colorpalett Glamour